The grey pajamas 

I’m visiting my parents for the weekend. And I didn’t bring any housewear or pajamas with me, so my mom gave one of hers, a pair of grey cotton ones. They have a nice pattern and a thin white lace. 

She has them for some years now. I actually think she has them for more than a decade. I remember wearing them sometimes when I was back in high school. It’s a nice feeling, being able to wear something that reminds you of a more carefree time. It’s a nice break! 


Neo-romantic walks

Neo-romantic walks

Zimmermann eyelet midi dress
€495 –

Irregular Choice floral pattern shoes
€87 –

Les Néréides rose flower jewelry
€110 –

MCM embellished cat eye sunglasses
€285 –

Guerlain illuminating face powder
€57 –

Givenchy paraben free lipstick
€32 –

Casual Pin up

Casual Pin up

Casual Pin up by angelinamavrogianni featuring cut-out crop tops

T By Alexander Wang cut out crop top

€160 –

High-rise shorts

€53 –

Tabitha Simmons ballerina flat

€555 –

Plastic earrings

€18 –

Evening jewelry

€11 –

Gucci scarve

€385 –

Le Specs Luxe cat eye sunglasses

€110 –

Office accessory

€70 –

Art in fashion (Mondrian) 

I love the way fashion is inspired straight out of art history sometimes! 

So, I’m going to do a series of “nutshell” posts about painters that have influenced fashion designers to create pieces that seem like they are part of paintings! 

This one is about Mondrian. 

Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist, born in 1872. He was part of the De Stijl movement and one of the most notable abstract artists in history. 

“Composition with blue plane, red, black, yellow, green” (1921)

“Composition in white, black, red” (1936)

Some of the designs inspired by Mondrian’s artwork…. 

*Designs by Yves Saint Laurent. 

*Designs by Moschino. 

*Design by Nike. 

*Designs by Diane Von Furstenberg. 

*Designs by Off-White. 

And last (but not least), a couple of creations on Etsy! 

*Earrings by myBeltBuckle. 

*Necklaces by LiKeGjewelry.