Fashion diary


Clothes and fashion: the difference between them

I started making some notes about the meaning of fashion, for a future blog post. And after a few lines, I realized that I was referring to clothes and fashion as if they were the same thing; clothes are fashion and fashion is clothes.

But they are not.

Having the privilege to have quite a few luxuries in my life (and being extremely grateful for that), I realized I’m mistakenly don’t separate the two words.

Clothes are necessities, a basic need of people. You need clothes to be protected by dirt, germs, weather conditions, etc. You can’t live without them.

From the beginning of time, people started making clothes to fulfill their basic needs. And clothes evolved, along with everything else.

And fashion was born….

But fashion is something else. Fashion is the style, the trends, the trinkets, the variety, the need for more (and more, and more), some kind of flow. It can be used as a mean of showing your identity, or uniting with the times and the rest of the world.

Fashion can be described as a form of luxury I suppose.

I love fashion, I love having nice things, wearing them, mix and matching them, expressing myself through them! I know that I’m lucky, because I can afford extra things that I like (which according to Coco Chanel are luxuries, and she was damn right). But maybe I don’t pay too much attention to that fact sometimes….and maybe from now on, I should treat them 100% as luxuries and not as natural things, gotten for granted.

So, I’m an artistic girl with much love for beautiful things/luxuries and fashion!