Fashion in film

Those amazing looks of Annie (Margot Robbie)…! Costume design by Julian Day.


Art in fashion (M.C. Escher)

Fashion design is a form of art and creation.

So, it’s totally natural for fashion designers to be influenced by the work of painter, graphic designers, etc. High fashion designers to independent artists, like Etsy sellers, use elements of famous artwork on their designs, either directly (maybe use an exact pattern on a piece of clothing) or indirectly (maybe use a trademark color palette of an artist or an era).

This one is for M.C. Escher, who is by the way, one of my favorites!

Maurits Cornelius Escher was a Dutch graphic artist, born in 1898 (and died in 1972). He created woodcuts, lithographs and mezzotints, inspired by mathematics.

His universe (aka work) is filled with black and white patterns, shapes of animals and birds that end up looking an abstract version of themselves! So interesting and eye catching, that can make your vision and mind wander for hours.

“Two interesting planes” (woodcut, 1952, 22×32 cm)

“Development I” (woodcut, 1937, 44×44 cm)

“Fishes and scales” (woodcut, 1959, 38×38 cm)

“Metamorphose” (woodcut, 1939-40 & 1967-68, 19.5×700 cm)

“Relativity” (lithograph, 1953, 28×29 cm)

Some of the designers that created Escher inspired pieces, are Catherine Malandrino, Alexander McQueen and Mary Katrantzou.

Catherine Malandrino (Fall 2009, ready-to-wear)

Alexander McQueen (Fall 2009, ready-to-wear)

Mary Katrantzou (Fall 2017, ready-to-wear)

*Photos of Escher’s artwork, taken from Taschen’s “M.C. Escher: The graphic work”.

*Catwalk photos from