Fashion diary


Later on…!

Well, then I grew up, and entered adulthood! While studying cinema (18 to 20), I went through the phase of all black. For two years I was wearing total black looks, but with a variety of textures and fabrics and designs. Even had black hair. And in the same time of that total black phase, I started wearing a lot of dresses; and incorporated some more goth/theatrical elements in my style.

Until this day, I wear a lot of black and use it usually as a base for my outfits.

So, here I am, turning 30 in 5 months. I’m going through a phase where I want to reconsider my style. Sometimes I feel like my personal style isn’t what it used to be, not that unique.

Reinventing my style. And getting comfortable in my skin after gaining some weight, but that’s a story for another post, so stay tuned!

When I was little

I loved dressing up as long as I can remember myself! My mama was always buying pretty clothes for me and there were always fashion magazines at home as I was growing up. So, I guess all these helped in what led to who I am today.

But, if I take a look back, back to when I was little, I have some favorite memories that are still with me today:

  • All the times I was dressing up when visiting my grandma’s house. I was putting on her older camisoles (she had a lace one and a silk one), adding accessories and posing.
  • The clip earrings my mama was buying me from the flea market.
  • A time when after going to the theater I dresses up in scarfs so I can become similar to the characters of the tragedy we had watched.
  • That pink stripped dress with the big bow on the back. I always loved wearing that dress with the bow in the front.
  • All the patterns and colors from my clothes.
  • Those summer shoes with the embroidered/beaded house in the front that my grandma had bought me.

These are only some of the style oriented things I remember from my childhood. But, I believe that they’re part of who I am today and part of the way I look at clothing.

And this was the first part of short backround for me. Next one coming up in a couple of days!

P.S. Here’s a photo of my childhood self…

What’s “the dress in the nutshell”

There’s a french fairytale called “Donkey Skin” (that has also become a film).

In this fairytale, the princess asks her father for three dresses: one in the color of the stars, one in the color of the moon and one in the color of the sun. Plus, a coat made of a small piece of each animal of the forest (yeah, this isn’t a good element, but the story is still very nice). When the princess wants to run away, she puts the dresses inside a nutshell. Yes, a tiny nutshell that fits all three dresses (and a couple of jewelry)!

I’ve always liked the idea of these dresses, I imagined they were made of aetherial, transparent fabric, with sparkle all over it! And the idea of a nutshell that can fill so many things is just so magical!

So, when time came to find a name for a fashion blog, I thought of “Donkey Skin”.

This blog is going to host my love for clothes, fashion, color, and my adventures while reinventing my style and embracing my body!